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Chloé Lerin 

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Chloé Lerin is a Race Data Engineer in the premiere motorcycle road racing series in the US, MotoAmerica. Although fairly new to the paddocks, she is a trained mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience on engine dynos. Her drive for performance optimization (and an AiM Sports Solo2DL) is what brought her career in engine research and her passion for motorcycles together. As a MotoAmerica team member her roles include building race harnesses, engine tuning, data analysis, and coaching. Chloé is also an enthusiast motorcycle racer and a track day coach and loves to share her passion for motorsport via instructional videos and trackside support for AIM Sports products and software.

Education & Experience




University of Wisconsin - Madison

Systems Engineer - Engine Performance & Noise group

M.S. Mechanical Engineering - Engine Research Center


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Post-Master's Research Fellow, then Technical Research Staff - National Transportation Center


Cummins, inc

Combustion, Performance and Emissions Engineer



Race Data Engineer (DAG).

Get in Touch

(734) 545-9861

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